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How To Eradicate Pests
How To Eradicate Pests

The proper procedures for rat pest control is sometimes a difficult chore for the homeowner. The information below is provided to help an inexperienced person make the proper decisions necessary for a rat control program to be successful. All the rodent control tips you will need are provided throughout this website.

·         If your rat infestation is only in the yard and there are no pets or children on the premises, then you only need to purchase the Contrac Blox rat and mouse bait. Place the bait blocs in the rat holes or any noticeable paths in the yard. Regular movements (foraging) of rats will leave paths in the grass. Contrac Blox will kill rats and kill rats fast. It is a single feeding bait.

·         When children or pets are present, tamper resistant rodent stations are needed. You need to purchase the Protecta LP(Low Profile)Rat Stations or the regular Protecta Rat Stations

·         We recommend that you chose the larger Protecta Rat Stations if a combination rat trapping & rat baiting program is necessary.

·         The Big Snap-E Rat Traps is used inside Protecta Rat Stations when children or pets are present or will be present. If you suspect a rat problem is within your walls or you have seen evidence of rats indoors. Then baiting is totally out of the question. Baiting inside for large animals such as Rats will only increase your problems. Sure, you will quickly solve the rat infestation but you will create 3 more problems. Odor from dead animals, maggots and then thousands & thousands of flies and to cap it off the dead Rats are rarely located. So the odor lingers for weeks.

·         Indoor treatments should be done with baited traps or glue boards. We recommend the Big Snap-E Rat Traps because it is easier, sanitary and safer to handle & pre-formed holes in the rat trap base allow for surface mounting if needed.. Fingers never touch the rodent. The Big Snap-E Rat Traps is easy to clean and can be reused for years. It is simple, safe, sanitary and will kill rats every time the trap is sprung.  No rats will steal the bait.

·         After setting baited traps indoors you will need to place the same traps outside in the regular Protecta (Tamper Resistant) Rat Stations. The regular Protecta Rat Station  keeps the Big Snap-E Rat Traps  out of harms way of little children or pets. Again this larger station can be used for both the Big Snap-E Rat Traps   and then followed up with maintenance rat baiting or rat trapping in the same station.

·         All points of entry should be sealed at the same time you start your rodent control program. Why Now? Because a rat will not change his habits easily, especially if he already has a safe path to food and water. Sealing his points of entry will disrupt his norm and cause him to wonder off the usual paths and then you will start catching rats. If you want to kill rats and you want the right rodent control products. We have all the rodent control supplies that you will need to succeed.